The future is analogue!

  • Led Zeppelin says "don't listen to mp3"
  • 20 Years of analogue at Lomography
So on a slightly different tangent to usual we thought we'd give you some news on all things analogue.
Top news recently in at Reslo towers is a new law laid down by Jimmy Page, which to us sounds like audio manna from heaven, Led Zeppelin founder states: "don't listen to mp3!".

 At Led Zeppelin's US press conference (Tuesday 9th October) to promote their upcoming movie/DVD, Celebration Day, Jimmy Page extolled the virtues of the vinyl record format – and came out staunchly against mp3 files.
“Vinyl or digital?” asked Page in response to a question from the audience. “That’s a matter of taste, I guess. I mean, personally I’ve never let go of vinyl, all the way through, even when CDs came on the scene. What I would recommend to you is that you don’t listen to Led Zeppelin on mp3. That’s for sure.”

The crowd duly applauded Page’s comments.

Hats off to you Jimmy Page!

Highlights of Led Zep's NY press conference

In other analogue good news November saw Lomography celebrate 20 years of analogue photography.

News image

Building on the Ten Golden Rules of Lomography, the Lomographic Society's Ten Prophecies for the Analogue Future will become the new mantra of film photography for decades to come:
  1. Leave the digital grind behind
  2. The return of luck, coincidence, contingency, chance, fortune, emergency & surprise
  3. Expect the unexpected and the excitement of the experiment
  4. Lomography will bring back overtones, nuances, smells, shades, dirt & dust and the beauty of real life
  5. Film & paper ensure originality, authenticity and an everlasting presence
  6. Look Twice
  7. Let loose with Lomography
  8. The Avant-garde is Analogue
  9. A bazillion fresh analogue tunes await us
  10. The analogue future is the home of a holy lot of love, joy, fun, sex and… paradise!

In the eventful 20 years since, Lomo have shot from the hip, broken the rules, introduced a whole selection of new analogue cameras to the world and ensured..

Couldn't have said it any better, here's to analogue!

Lomography Twenty Years

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