Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone studio photoshoot

Here are some great studio shots of a Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone complete with the table top desk stand. All pictures taken by photographer Adele Slymn.

Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone by
Adele Slymn
Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone by
Adele Slymn
Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone by
Adele Slymn

Paul McCartney in the studio 2013

Paul McCartney (I think you know him) the "New" artist in the studio 2013. Spot the Reslo RB ribbon microphone next to the Neumann condenser.

Thanks to Jose Estragos

Jose Estragos conciertos en casa!

Jose Estragos has been playing some intimate "Home Shows" in Madrid and has some lovely photos featuring some of his vintage guitars and of course his Reslo Ribbon Microphones.

Heres' a few shots of Jose with his vintage Höfner Club 40 guitar.


The Gretsch (Country Gent I believe) also gets a look in!


Reslo & Rod Stewart

Reslo & Rod Stewart at the Marquee Club, London

"Who's that?" you're asking, well, yes you're right, it's none other than Rod "The Mod" Stewart in his 60s glory. There is some great vintage footage courtesy of BBC One's "Imagine" documentary series & the British Film Institue available online.

Reslo & Rod Stewart at the Marquee Club, London

The BBC's "Imagine" programme featured an original programme from the 60s that focused on Rod Stewart when he was just starting out as a performer and was still living at home. Some of those early scenes were shot at the legendary Marquee in London and featuring Reslo RB Ribbon Microphones.

Reslo & Rod Stewart at the Marquee Club, London

Jose Estragos Vol 2

Spanish Reslo fan, user, collector & all round Reslo fiend Jose Estragos has some good news to report with the release of his latest recordings entitled "Vol 2", less than 6 months from his first (proper 60s breakneck speed)

Jose Estragos Vol 2, photo Ester Paez
  According to Jose these new recordings hark back to a time when songs were "made from the heart and not a calculator". To accompany the release there were be some promo films shot, no doubt with so great Reslos featured, as well as a release of Vol 1 on vinyl. 

Jose Estragos & a stereo pair of Reslo RB Ribbon Microphones, photo Ester Paez

The recording sessions took place in various studios including a highlight at Abbey Road Stusios in London. There will be some interesting sounds to be heard emanating from Hammond & Vox Continental organs, sitars, 12 strings guitars, Vox amps, tons of vintage recording equipment & of course Reslo microphones. 

Jose Estragos collage & collection of Reslo Microphones, photo Ester Paez

Some dates are to be lined up in England at the Cavern Club, USA as well as at FNAC in Zaragoza, Marbella and Malaga.

Photos by Esther Paez 

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