Reslo & Mick Jagger at the BBC's Top Of The Pops studios

Mick posing with a Reslo RV Ribbon Microphone for BBC photographer Harry Goodwin, 1964.

Harry Goodwin was the BBC in-house photographer for Top Of The Pops. He photographed many of the musicians appearing on the programme including Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Bob Dylan. His prints formed part of an exhibition recently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

This shot was taken in the BBC's famous disused church studios on Dickenson Road, Manchester, where from new year's day 1964 up until 1967 all the early Top Of The Pops programmes were recorded (of course, later in their wisdom the BBC demolished the church in the 70s). The Rolling Stones were the first artist to appear on TOTP on the 1st January 1964 were they performed "I Wanna Be Your Man".

The BBC had a studio in Manchester [on Dickenson Road] which was a disused church and, anything they didn't want to do in London, they slung up into this old church. And, of course, they didn't want anything to do with pop music so that was our place. And it was marvellous".

This is a video from the V&A lauch of the exhibition with interviews with Harry along with snippets from amongst others Paul Gambaccini, Tom McGuinness (Manfred Mann), and Pan's People!

Harry's V&A touring exhibition 'My Generation: The Glory Years of British Rock' has currently taken up residency at "The Public" in West Bromwich, England until mid January 2012 so come down to the black country and view these photographs in true analogue style! It's also free to enter.
An interview with Harry Goodwin remembering Top of the Pops: V & A Interview
More Rolling Stones pictures can be seen at the Reslo flickr page

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