"Nowhere Boy" John Lennon biopic

Once again UK viewers got some Reslosound action this past Sunday when "Nowhere Boy" had it's UK terrestrial premiere on Channel 4, who also helped finance the film. Sam Taylor Wood's biopic about a young John Lennon and the women who shaped his pre-Beatles life, namely his aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott Thomas), who raised him and his absentee mother Julie (Anne-Marie Duff) who re-enters his life.

Aaron Johnson plays John Lennon and is depicted in a number of scenes performing in "his" band The Quarrymen (the official stance on Quarrymen or Quarry Men here: The Original Quarrymen website). Later he is joined in the band by Paul McCartney (Thomas Sangster) as well as George Harrison (Sam Bell). These scenes are really well designed with great art direction and attention to detail including correct era clothing, stage setup, instruments and of course Reslo Ribbon Microphones.

More pictures from the film and the originals which inspired the film design on the Reslo flickr page here: Reslo & The Beatles flickr set

Watch the film again again Channel 4's website: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/nowhere-boy

Official film website: http://www.nowhereboy.co.uk/

Official Quarrymen website: www.originalquarrymen.co.uk/

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