Pink Floyd & Reslo Microphones

So it's a leap year and it's the 29th of February so time for a new post. The theme this time is Pink Floyd, why? you ask...well why not! Pink Floyd are perpetually inspirational and influential, and as "The Pink Floyd Sound", as they were originally called, are in the middle of releasing über-deluxe "immersion" versions of three of their classic albums, what better an opportunity!

First up is an early shot of a certain Mr. David Gilmour strumming on his Höfner Club 60 and singing with a Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone. According to the book "The Höfner Guitar : A History" David persuaded his parents to buy him a Fender Telecaster, after which he sold this original guitar as he owed someone some money. The band known as "Joker's Wild" also featured Dave Altham (instrument-less), John Gordon ("The Infotainer" on a hollow bodied guitar) and Tony Sainty on bass. Obviously one Reslo microphone was not enough for four performing singers!

Photograph courtesy of John Gordon

Of course, not to forget that before David Gilmour there was the crazy diamond himself Syd Barrett.

Perhaps being slightly subtle here but you can just spot a Reslo Ribbon Microphone on the left, just by the curtains, next to what's probably a Beyer M160 Ribbon Microphone. Syd with his trademark Fender Telecaster, spot the Selmer Twin Selectortone valve amplifier just behind him. Also peeking out on the right is the heel end of Roger Waters Höfner bass! What must've been a great jam in someone's front living room, and all of which being presided over by the guiding eye of Howlin' Wolf!

Seen below on the left with a Reslo RB Ribbon Microphone and playing a Framus Sorella is Syd in his pre Floyd band "The Tea Set". Note Syd's Bird amplifier complete with maracas on top!

Spot someone else here #1? Yep, Roger Waters playing a lovely Höfner President 500/5  hollow-bodied bass. Also seen here is The Tea Set's lead singer Chris Dennis.

Spot someone else here #2? Yep again, slightly obscured (by clouds..perhaps?) is Rado "Bob" Klose, a friend of David Gilmour who also played on an early Pink Floyd acetate recording as well as appearing on David Gilmour's last album "On An Island" in 2006.

Thanks to Wolfgang Jünemann for spotting Syd' Framus guitar, Photographer probably Sebastian Jenkins.

Finally moving onto c.1967 and the point where Pink Floyd are fully formed. Here we have the much missed Richard Wright with his faithful Farfisa Compact-Duo organ as well as a Reslo CR Ribbon Microphone.

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